Mitsubishi Outlander Business

More Capable than Ever Before

Introducing the world’s best selling Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It's an economical, versatile commercial SUV with talents that speak for themselves. Drive up to 45 km (WLTP) on just battery power with a combined battery and petrol range of 600 km using unique Electric and Hybrid drive modes eliminating any pre-existing thoughts of Electric Vehicle range anxiety. Sophisticated Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) Twin Motor 4WD system adjusts to changing road conditions and terrain, prioritising handling, efficiency and performance.
Now starting from just €42,900*

Electric and Responsible

Domestic charging options and on-the-go charging modes allow maximum EV driving in the Outlander PHEV. Every aspect of the new Outlander PHEV has been improved over the outgoing PHEV. Improvements include drive battery capacity increased by 15%, drive battery output increased by 10%, rear motor output increased by 10%, generator output increased by 10%, new and more efficient 2.4 Atkinson cycle petrol engine and upgraded PHEV Operating System all leading to greater economical and responsible driving.

Electric and More

Enjoy the functionality, intuitive control and convenience of your mobile device with Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay, just connect your Android™ or iPhone to the USB port and control your favourite apps on the built in display touch screen which also displays special PHEV features.